84 Capacities That Returned to Me When I Got Off Psychiatric Drugs | Chaya Grossberg

In order for an experience to create a life mission and strong sense of purpose, it has to affect you to the core. Though I was only on psychiatric drugs for a few years of my life, they affected me so strongly and took away so much that I could never forget or simply leave that experience behind me.

I share this list, not to torture people who are on them or struggling to get off, reminding them of how much is being taken away (or could be taken away), but rather to validate the desire that many have to not take these substances and to be supported in better ways.

I share this to validate how very necessary it is to create better systems for being with trauma and to facilitate the withdrawal process for those who would like to come off in every way we possibly can.

When I was on a psychiatric drug cocktail at age 21-22, I lost the abilities to do the things on this list with any regularity. Many of these things I could not do at all.

Once I got off of them, slowly and carefully, which was quite tedious and difficult, all of these capacities returned to me.
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Blogging Class For The Silenced | Chaya Grossberg

One of the biggest problems I see in the world is the silencing of personal truth and authentic, powerful voices.
Much of this silencing has been internalized to the extent that people go around disconnected from their voice and truth MOST OF THE TIME.
My goal is to help you learn what you need to know about blogging so you can get your voice heard by thousands within just a few short months , or even weeks, if you’re ready. One of my recent blogs was read by over 1300 people the first day after I posted it.
I believe the world needs to hear every single silenced voice, and their story in their own words.
I don’t think anyone is off the hook from the responsibility to express, share and participate in rewriting the story of the world.
I believe if everyone of us stood up and shared our true views, experiences and perspectives, we could eradicate all misery by the end of 2015.
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11 Reasons I’d Rather Listen to Someone Than Suggest They Take Psychiatric Drugs | Chaya Grossberg

by Benjamin Ross
Because the worst pain in any feeling is our sense that it means there is something inherently wrong with us for experiencing it.

Because pain often holds the key to our freedom, in that it brings us back to the present moment, where the basic awareness that holds all of our experience is vibrantly alive and untouched by any harm. Attuned listening and relationship allows us to see and feel this because a sense of being heard and of belonging as we are contradicts the painful belief that we are separate beings who must focus on overcoming or fixing something in order to be whole and belong.
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How Writing Turns Suicidal Feelings into Medicine | Chaya Grossberg

Disclaimer: I am not suicidal, nor did I have a plan for suicide when I wrote this piece. And Gosh I wish disclaimers like this didn’t feel so necessary. Gosh I wish the psychiatric pharmaceutical industrial complex police state could not monitor my written medicine even one iota.

And no one comes into my room, so no one is bound to read my journal or these words, unless I share them.

I will share them mostly because they have brought me back to some semblance of “sanity” and because the world right now, even in the best of places, at the best picnics and dinners, doesn’t feel right to me, and as a writer maybe never will, but I do find my suffering can create a medicine of sorts for myself and others, when I write things down to describe it, since we are all suffering so bad and sometimes even the prettiest of scenes looks unfortunate and even the ugliest of things looks alive.
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Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence? | Chaya Grossberg

guest post by Dabney Alix. Eventually I rejected my diagnoses and further treatment and moved back to my college town of Olympia, WA where I clung happily to the mundane. I got a job. I went back to school and got a Bachelor of Science in Human Health and solemnly swore to never open up those magical doors again. For years, I lived in fear of losing my ground. One small move could do it, I thought. One bad night of sleep. I was unhappy, but decidedly “safe”. http://ift.tt/1CemAJv
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One Woman’s Process of Coming Off Psych Meds | Chaya Grossberg

A woman who lives in Australia contacted me recently for support. She has been isolated in her desire to be free of psychiatry and needs to remain anonymous due to a court order but asked that I share her email address here so that others who are seeking mutual support by Skype might contact her.
Here are her inspiring and hopeful words about her own process, along with her art:://chayagrossberg.com/one-womans-process-of-coming-off-psych-meds/
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The Big Shift Experience Live. San Jose March 20-22 – Complimentary Scholarship Tickets ($997 Value)

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