Red Palm Oil

Tips for using red palm oil internally and externally. Yum.
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Crane Fly

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The Birth of the Heartscience Fund

Quick video about how I turned my dream of 15 years into a vision and how you can get involved if you share my dream of helping everyone in the world who wants to to heal from the harm of psych drugs.
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Are you eating your pine needles?

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Brazilian Potato Salad

Eating good home cooked meals with others is one of the most important things for my thriving in life.

It used to be standard, and in some parts of the world sill is, to share healthy meals each day that were prepared lovingly.

Now many of us eat quickly prepared foods on the go and miss out on not only nutrition but the nourishment that comes from putting creativity and love into our meals and eating them slowly with good company, laughter and appreciation.

It’s also clear that psychiatry feeds and thrives on out disconnectedness, poor nutritional habits, isolation, fast food and other stresses of the modern lifestyle.

For these reasons, I’m grateful for my dinner club. It’s a fairly new thing for me that I found on upon moving to a new town.

With fewer and fewer people living in nuclear families, there is a stronger need for friends to share meals together. Eating out can serve this purpose, but there is nothing like a home cooked meal with good company.

Each month we have a different theme and while my main motivation was to eat excellent food with others, I’m finding it is motivating me to learn some new recipes.

Tonight is Brazilian night, for example. I made the above dish, a Brazilian potato salad. This one has purple potatoes, black beans, chopped onion, olive oil, vinegar, mustard, parsley and fennel.

It was really easy to make, and I had a lot of purple potatoes I needed to cook as well as these fresh herbs.

It’s smells fantastic to me!

I also love cooking for others, for potlucks, when I have the time and the theme makes it easier to narrow it down and decide what to cook as well as try new things.

When I’m only cooking for myself, I’m not always so motivated. Ok almost never.

It also helps that the folks in my dinner club are excellent cooks but not at all snobbish.

Last month was ethnic dinner night and I hadn’t realized the dinner was that night until the last minute, so I bought some frozen latkes at Trader Joe’s, grabbed some homemade applesauce that was sitting in the trunk of my car, and jetted over there just in time.

They were all very happy to see me and let me heat up the frozen latkes, and really liked them too :)

I’ll let you know how tonight’s dinner club goes.

If you’re interested in joining a dinner club, check on in your area to see if there are any, or start your own.

In bigger cities and towns, there are often different types of food meetups, including vegetarian/vegan, paleo, raw foods, desserts, etc.

My dinner club doesn’t have any dietary restrictions, but there is often enough variety that one would be able to find something for their preferences.

Thanks for reading and enjoy whatever you are eating tonight.

In Ayurveda, the love of food is important to cultivate, in some ways as a means of releasing addictions and disconnection.

May our meals nourish and connect us to one another and the earth.
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These are a few of my favorite clearing things

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Waking Dreams Part 1

A tortoise and a horse and a platypus.

Which one steps forward when nothing is going as planned?

If the tortoise steps forward, we inch along.

If the horse steps forward, we gallop ahead quickly.

If the platypus moves, we walk evenly along, with heavy weight in each step, and even in our stomach.

The platypus doesn’t know anything though, and neither do the horse or the tortoise.

We are all the blind leading the blind until we get there

and there only starts to exist when it does-

that’s the cool part-

We think there’s a there to figure out, but really there keeps changing as WE change

and depending on which animal comes forth.

There’s choice and there is no choice,
it’s a matter of timing and perfection,
which the universe has already mastered
and we know this when we’re in synch.

We know exactly when to do what and when to wait it out because something better is coming along.

Thing is it gets hot sometimes, and there’s soreness and sensation that moves.

There’s the potential for silence to be interrupted at any given moment, so how can we do anything at all?

Well, the potential for silence to be broken decreases when you use the silence well.

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