Why I’m No Longer Guest Blogging (For Now) | Chaya Grossberg

This is true for me right now and it could change. We’re on the cutting edge of consciousness exploration as a society and we need those “little” things that would be censored out more than ever (plus I already excel at self censorship).

It’s also HOW I write when I know I will self publish versus when I knew I’d be “submitting” my words for acceptance, rejection, judgement, assessment, approval, or even shaming.

How I write is completely different when I intend to self publish. I feel so powerful and in alignment, and this is my purpose in writing: to communicate from a centered place of connection with a higher source.

It’s unfortunate that the publishing industry, with its scarcity model, limited what kinds of ideas could be published and how. Yet, there has always been grassroots self publishing of some kind. There have always been ways to read the words of women, common folk, those outside of institutionalized education, those who are self taught, those who’ve learned what they know from life itself, who write from their souls to feed other souls.

Now we have opportunities for those many voices to spread and infiltrate consciousness, and arguably the most important ones for us to hear are the ones we haven’t already been hearing from, the ones who have views, lifestyles and life experiences that lie outside academic walls (which we all do!).

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The Joys of Gleaning Potatoes from an Open Summer Field (or, Therapy in the Middle of Nowhere) |…

New blog by Ben Ross. This one makes me wonder again about reasons I’ve escaped therapy… Great read.
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Iatrogenic Injury, Ayurvedic Constitution, and Aging | Chaya Grossberg

The damage to my kidneys, liver, adrenals and other organs was an issue when I came off those drugs at age 22/23 but I still had a young body. I could still endure a week or so of semi-sleepless nights. It wasn’t easy, but it was nowhere near as hard as it is for me now if I don’t sleep for even one night.

In one way, in theory, I believe most damage can be healed, yet optimal conditions, (which hardly exist today) are required to achieve the healing of organ damage and even then it isn’t usually easy.

Being disabled by psych drugs also led to years of “unemployment” or “underemployment” (not having a steady salary and being low income) which meant less money for healing resources and we know insurance covers virtually nothing (in most states) that serves to restore our internal organs to health after severe and acute injury from the drugs they do cover so readily.

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How Healthy Do You Intend To Be? | Chaya Grossberg

Some aliens/extra terrestrial beings spoke to me last night, for the first time. They said something about healing for all of us here on earth.

They told me we all need to COMMIT to our health this year and make as few excuses as possible.

Finances and access are an issue (for many of us) but there are also always more resources around us we can take advantage of than we do, such as growing our own food, foraging wild foods and herbs, doing our own research, and using all of the resources that do work for us with greater consistency.

We will absolutely never be “perfect” nor is that the goal.

Information out there can be conflicting and confusing, which is why a daily meditation/prayer/creative/reflective process, even if it is simply writing down your dreams, going for a walk by yourself or lying in bed quietly for 5 minutes following your breath in and out, and stretching, is necessary to strengthen your powers of discernment.

Health practices are practices, we need to practice them, sometimes with a lot of trial and error at first, and we do improve our capacity to hear our body, to hear what it wants and needs.
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Keeping the Drama on the Stage or Page, or Ideally, Both | Chaya Grossberg

When I see housing ads seeking, “peaceful, mindful, drama-free roommates,” I chuckle inside. Those peaceful, mindful zen folk are fantasy robots. They don’t exist! No one has ever lived with one!

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Is Moving Around Constantly Similar to Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal? | Chaya Grossberg

Illness is never just illness. It is always wrapped up in how society responds to that illness, what we feel our options are, what caused the illness and how much inner and outer resource we have to relate with it, or even hear what it is communicating with us.

Moving is never just moving. It is always wrapped up in how society responds to new people in town, what resources and help are available, the reason for the move, and how much support, money, stamina and resilience we have to recognize and address the feelings and needs present.

In psychiatric drug withdrawal, as well as moving, there is usually an urgency, an emergency level of things, of a need for basic safety/homeostasis for the body that usually has to come before any meaning making or self reflection.

When I don’t know where I will be sleeping, or whether I will be safe there, my adrenaline kicks in and I go into fight or flight.

When I didn’t know what certain drugs were doing in my body, why I was experiencing panic or psychosis, which drug or drug withdrawal or combination of factors was causing it or how long it would last, or what would bring relief, well, of course I was in fight or flight.

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Anything’s Possible | Chaya Grossberg

I think people watch meteor showers to remind themselves anything’s possible.

I think people have kids to remind themselves anything’s possible.

I think people become doctors or healers to remind themselves anything’s possible.

I think people go to sleep at night to remind themselves anything’s possible…

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