We Are All In This Boat Together

If you feel great despair and hopelessness sometimes, please know this is a signal you are connected-even if it feels like a disconnection and absence or nothingness. It is evidence that you are affected by the sadness “out there.” I am too. That’s why I pray for all beings to know the profound peace I know, in my most easeful moments. Where faith isn’t something I have, but rather something I am. And I pray for all beings to be so close to their muse, to a guiding call, to an “emergency” of soul. For without that we have nothing to feed on, nothing to eat. http://ift.tt/1wRJl13
from Facebook http://ift.tt/1wRJl13


About chayaleah

Wellness coach helping you stay off psychiatric drugs, and find meaningful, safe, effective alternatives. Available by skype, phone and email as well as in person.
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