The Limelight (of Humiliation) | Chaya Grossberg

I’ve always gotten a thrill out of being in the limelight though, however silly I may look or sound. Despite the downsides of this personality trait, I’ve been determined to put it to good use, to use the limelight, whenever I get it, to inspire others and offer hope, or at the very least a sense of connection and shared humanity. Even when I feel embarrassed or humiliated, I also get such a thrill from being center stage that it feels somehow worth it.

It feels oddly aligned with spreading a message a lot of people meed to hear. So I’m grateful I showed myself at a young age how thrilling it is to be center stage, and that no matter how much I “fail” or embarrass myself, that alone will never harm anyone, and in this case I hope it will save some lives from psychiatric oppression. Here’s to the silly me who ran for SUVP. ://
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About chayaleah

Wellness coach helping you stay off psychiatric drugs, and find meaningful, safe, effective alternatives. Available by skype, phone and email as well as in person.
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