Survivors Need Our Own Media

Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

Survivors* have a complicated relationship to the Mad in America blog site.  Many of us blog there and the subject matter is of vital interest as it concerns our lived experience, but the site is not survivor-controlled and it is not meant to be accountable to us.  Rather the stated intention is to create a broadly inclusive conversation among people who question practices of the existing mental health system from the general direction of questioning the medical model and questioning coercion.  If MIA wants to try and resolve issues raised by survivors about how the site functions, that is a great conversation to have.

But there is something bigger that the criticisms of MIA by survivors point to, and that I realized when looking into current issues in feminism.  Other social justice movements have a whole world of blogs that network to each other, repost each others’ blogs, do all sorts of…

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