84 Capacities That Returned to Me When I Got Off Psychiatric Drugs | Chaya Grossberg

In order for an experience to create a life mission and strong sense of purpose, it has to affect you to the core. Though I was only on psychiatric drugs for a few years of my life, they affected me so strongly and took away so much that I could never forget or simply leave that experience behind me.

I share this list, not to torture people who are on them or struggling to get off, reminding them of how much is being taken away (or could be taken away), but rather to validate the desire that many have to not take these substances and to be supported in better ways.

I share this to validate how very necessary it is to create better systems for being with trauma and to facilitate the withdrawal process for those who would like to come off in every way we possibly can.

When I was on a psychiatric drug cocktail at age 21-22, I lost the abilities to do the things on this list with any regularity. Many of these things I could not do at all.

Once I got off of them, slowly and carefully, which was quite tedious and difficult, all of these capacities returned to me.
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About chayaleah

Wellness coach helping you stay off psychiatric drugs, and find meaningful, safe, effective alternatives. Available by skype, phone and email as well as in person.
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