Make Your own Toothpaste | Chaya Grossberg

While on psychiatric drugs (or other pharmaceuticals like birth control pills and so on), your body can lose minerals, causing problems with the teeth.

Due to a nutrient deficient diet and other stress factors, including trauma and anxiety, most of us start to experience some tooth problems and a need for remineralization as we get older.

Store bought toothpastes, even the natural ones, usually contain some form of sugar (aka glycerine), which is harmful to the teeth and takes a long time to clear out of the tooth. The few brands that are truly good for your teeth are expensive, so I learned how to make my own toothpaste.

It’s quite easy and the cool thing is that when I am traveling, I often use a make shift version with one or two ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda and/or castille soap. I did find that castille soap used without ample coconut oil too frequently started to burn my mouth, so i would advise mixing a small amount of it with a good amount of coconut oil and other things.

I don’t usually measure the ingredients, but would advise coconut oil as the base and a small amount of everything else.

Here is my homemade toothpaste and the ingredients with approximate amounts:

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