Is Moving Around Constantly Similar to Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal? | Chaya Grossberg

Illness is never just illness. It is always wrapped up in how society responds to that illness, what we feel our options are, what caused the illness and how much inner and outer resource we have to relate with it, or even hear what it is communicating with us.

Moving is never just moving. It is always wrapped up in how society responds to new people in town, what resources and help are available, the reason for the move, and how much support, money, stamina and resilience we have to recognize and address the feelings and needs present.

In psychiatric drug withdrawal, as well as moving, there is usually an urgency, an emergency level of things, of a need for basic safety/homeostasis for the body that usually has to come before any meaning making or self reflection.

When I don’t know where I will be sleeping, or whether I will be safe there, my adrenaline kicks in and I go into fight or flight.

When I didn’t know what certain drugs were doing in my body, why I was experiencing panic or psychosis, which drug or drug withdrawal or combination of factors was causing it or how long it would last, or what would bring relief, well, of course I was in fight or flight.

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