Why I’m No Longer Guest Blogging (For Now) | Chaya Grossberg

This is true for me right now and it could change. We’re on the cutting edge of consciousness exploration as a society and we need those “little” things that would be censored out more than ever (plus I already excel at self censorship).

It’s also HOW I write when I know I will self publish versus when I knew I’d be “submitting” my words for acceptance, rejection, judgement, assessment, approval, or even shaming.

How I write is completely different when I intend to self publish. I feel so powerful and in alignment, and this is my purpose in writing: to communicate from a centered place of connection with a higher source.

It’s unfortunate that the publishing industry, with its scarcity model, limited what kinds of ideas could be published and how. Yet, there has always been grassroots self publishing of some kind. There have always been ways to read the words of women, common folk, those outside of institutionalized education, those who are self taught, those who’ve learned what they know from life itself, who write from their souls to feed other souls.

Now we have opportunities for those many voices to spread and infiltrate consciousness, and arguably the most important ones for us to hear are the ones we haven’t already been hearing from, the ones who have views, lifestyles and life experiences that lie outside academic walls (which we all do!).

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