Dating, Celibacy and Their Relationship to My Work | Chaya Grossberg

Writing doesn’t always feel like “work” to me, as in excruciatingly hard labor, but right now, with these thoughts, I feel like I’m trying to push a big oddly shaped concept out of my vagina.

It’s an area of big pain for me I’ve never written about before and it’s important because a lot of women the world over are still letting men define their authority, worth, success and value.

Ironically, it seems my own “masculine” side comes from fighting to bring forth the parts in me the men haven’t yet seen or known, the parts of consciousness many women know well, but they stay in our diaries and in between the ears of our girlfriends, spoken of loudly and emphatically when no men are present and quickly shied away from or compromised if even one man enters the room.

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