How is Social Media Affecting Men’s Awareness of Women? | Chaya Grossberg

So how are men receiving and being changed by more little whispers of, “this is what it is really like,” for my female friend over here, and “this is how my day is going,” for a female here? Are younger men being socialized with more awareness of women’s realities than their fathers were?

I recently shared these ideas with a male friend of mine who is a couple of generations older than me and reads social media feeds daily.

This friend is somewhat of a mentor to me, and I do consider him a relatively good feminist, yet when I asked him what he thought of how social media has affected his relationship with the realities of women, he said for him he didn’t think it had much affect. He thought the idea itself was exciting and worth thinking about, but since he had read an excellent book on radical feminism twenty years ago, he already had the perspective of understanding women and being aware of their realities.

“So did you read a bunch of books about feminism?” I asked. He replied he had just read one really good one.

“No offense, but that’s bullshit,” I responded. “Almost every man I know thinks that because he read a book, or a few books, or took a course, or a few courses, that he now knows what it’s like to be a woman. I’d like you to think more about this question of how reading DAILY diary entry type writings from women on social media is affecting your view.”

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