Cross Disciplinary Interview Series: Shel Horowitz | Chaya Grossberg

I was first introduced to Shel Horowitz’ work over a decade ago when I was living in Western Massachusetts and had recently self published my first book. My friend pointed me to Shel’s book, Guerilla Marketing, which I read numerous times. This was before I had a Facebook account.
Thinking back on the advice in that book, I remember more how inspired I felt reading it than the suggestions themselves, since, of course the world of marketing has changed worlds since then. I remember the feeling that anything was possible, that I, or anyone, could get their words out to the masses with the right tools and enough effort.
I chose to interview Shel because he has that spirit of, “Anything’s possible” and thinking big that will be necessary in shifting the cultural narrative around “mental health” and “mental illness”.

Shel: I think every true visionary has been called crazy sometimes. I am fortunate that the people who called *me* crazy were not people with the power to lock dissidents up. I was also exposed as a teenager to the work of people like Thomas Szasz, so I was fairly skeptical of the psychiatric establishment.

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